Theme in Haida

Haida includes: X̱aayda, X̱aadas, X̱aad, X̱aat
English | Haida
circa 1985
Edwards, Elizabeth A., 1939- | Pettviel, Lillian
2 items
This item consists of two essays on Haida linguistics, the titular "Theme in Haida" and "More on word order in Haida." Linguist Elizabeth A. Edwards based both essays on data collected during research supported by a Penrose Fund grant from the American Philosophical Society. "Theme in Haida" is a 19-page paper on "the ordering of thematic constituents in sentences of Haida discourse and narrative." The second item, "More on word order in Haida," is a 21-page paper on the ordering of nominal constituents. Both essays were written while Edwards was at the University of Washington. The title of the second appears to be a play on an article by Edwards' mentor at Washington, Carolyn M. Eastman, whose "Haida Word Order" appeared in the International Journal of American Linguistics in 1979. Edwards acknowledged the assistance of Lillian Pettviel as her primary language consultant. Note that each essay has a distinct call number, and must be requested individually.
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