Collection of Peruvian manuscripts, 1790-1800, 1820

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Items relating to the uprising of Túpac Amaru II (José Gabriel Condorcanqui) in the Spanish Viceroyalty of Peru, 1781-1783. Bulk 1780-1783. Topics include the proclamation of Túpac Amaru II entitling himself Inca; the Siege of La Paz; Spanish efforts to relieve La Paz; the capture of Túpac Amaru II and his wife and family; the pardon and pension of Túpac Amaru II [as most sources indicate that he was executed in 1781, it is possible that he is here confused with others who took the name Túpac Amaru]; an affidavit given by former prisoners of Túpac Amaru II; an official copy of the sentence and execution of the indigenous leader Chabe Diego (Janos) Christoval Túpac Amaru and others; and the 1800 opinion of the Fiscal Villaba respecting the lenient and conciliatory measures to be adopted toward indigenous rebels as an alternative to persecution.
Collection of Peruvian manuscripts, 1790-1800, 1820 Mss.980.P75