Chinook materials, Samuel George Morton Papers

Klickitat includes: Klikitat
1835; 1837
Warren, John Collins, 1778-1856 | Townsend, John Kirk, 1809-1851
Grave robbing | Human remains | Phrenology | Mounds | Anthropometry
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Letters discussing grave robbing of Indigenous ancestors' remains. Letter from John Warren Collins including a list of American Indian skulls in his collection: Chinook, Mound Builder, and Algonquian. Has cast of Guanche skull from Canary Islands. Two letters from John Kirk Townsend on September 20, 1835 concern Chinook and Klickitat ancestors' remains he is sending to Morton from Philadelphia, including disturbing descriptions of grave-robbing and the destruction of sacred sites in the midst of epidemic disease.
Samuel George Morton Papers Mss.B.M843