Theologia Indorum

K'iche' includes: Quiché
K'iche' | Spanish
1553, 1605
Vico, Domingo de, 1485-1555 | Gálvez, Mariano, 1794-1862
Guatemala--History | Religion | Theology
1 volume, 185 leaves
The Theologia Indorum ("Theology for the Indians" or "Theology of the Indians") was written by the Spanish Dominican friar Domingo de Vico from 1552-1554. It is considered the first original Christian theology written in the Americas and the longest single text written in an indigenous language of the Americas in the colonial era. Written in K'iche' (sometimes written as "Quiché," a Mayan language of Guatemala, it played a major role in evangelization of the Highland Maya. Previous identifications of the content of the manuscript misidentified it as being in the Kaqchikel language and as consisting of sermons and biblical translation. The content, however, is an original theological work that utilizes indigenous religous beliefs and cultural practices to explain Christian doctrine. This version is the first of two volumes of the Theologia Indorum, pertaining to topics from the Old Testament. Other versions of the Theologia exist at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France and at Princeton University. This is the oldest manuscript in the APS Library's collections written in an indigenous language of the Americas. Donor, Academia de Ciencias de Guatemala, through Mariano Gálvez, 1836.
Mayan Language Texts, 1553-1727 Mss.497.43.V42