Yupik materials, ACLS collection

Yup'ik includes: Yupik, Yupiit, Yup'ik, Central Alaskan, Eskimo (pej.)
English | Yupik, Central | Yupik, Central Siberian
1905, 1936, 1951
Andrews, James | Boas, Franz, 1858-1942 | Bogoras, Waldemar, 1865-1936 | Swadesh, Morris, 1909-1967
Linguistics | Alaska--History | Russia--History | Siberia--History
Stories | Vocabularies
200 pages, 800+ word slips
The Yup'ik materials in the ACLS collection are found in multiple sections of the finding aid. In the "Yup'ik" section there are "Unaaliq" field notes, texts with interlinear translations, and vocabularies (items E1b.200, E1b.201 and E1b.202). These were derived from Swadesh's work with James Andrews of St. Michael, Alaska. See also Boas' "Comparative word list of Alaskan Eskimo [Iñupiat], Siberian Eskimo [Yupik], and Chukchee" (item E1.1 in the "Iñupiat" section) from 1905, which contains "Siberian Eskimo" language material that is probably Siberian Yup'ik based on fieldwork of Bogoras from the Jesup North Pacific Expedition.
ACLS Collection (American Council of Learned Societies Committee on Native American Languages, American Philosophical Society) Mss.497.3.B63c