Central Sierra Miwok vocabulary

English | Miwok, Central Sierra
circa 1970-1985
Berman, Howard | Newman, Stanley S. (Stanley Stewart), 1905-1984 | Kelly, John | Wessell, Viola
Linguistics | Penutian languages | Anthropology | Ethnography | Fieldwork
Correspondence | Vocabularies
58 pages
This collection includes a 1985 cover letter from Howard Berman to Stephen Catlett of the American Philosophical Society donating two letters from Stanley Newman (1981 and 1984), a manuscript entitled "Central Sierra Miwok Vocabulary," and an offprint of Berman's article "Some California Penutian Morphological Elements." The letters are Newman's reply to Berman's queries regarding the former's sources for certain elements of the Chukchansi [Yokuts] language--which Berman cited in his article--and Newman's comment on that article. The Miwok manuscript is based on Berman's fieldwork in 1970, working primarily with Miwok speaker John Kelly and to a lesser extent Viola Wessell. Berman notes that this was his first fieldwork and that his inexperience led to some inaccuracies: "I believe that in the instances where Freeland and I disagree, Freeland's recordsings are to be preferred." Note that the offprint has been moved to printed materials.
Central Sierra Miwok vocabulary Mss.497.9.B45c