Frederica de Laguna Greenland Photograph Collection

Greenlandic includes: Kalaallit, Eskimo (pej.)
Inuit includes: Inuk, Eskimo (pej.), ᐃᓄᐃᑦ
De Laguna, Frederica, 1906-2004
Archaeology | Greenland--History
Still Image
116 photographs
The 116 black-and-white photoprints in the Frederica de Laguna Greenland Photograph Collection originate from Frederica de Laguna's six-month expedition to Greenland taken with Danish anthropologist Therkel Mathiassen in 1929. The expedition is significant for being the first scientific archeological excavation in Greenland. The trip was a transformational one for de Laguna, for through it she experienced her first taste of extensive anthropological fieldwork. Because of it, she decided to pursue a career in anthropology upon her return to the United States, enrolling in the doctoral program in anthropology at Columbia University under Frank Boas. Images in the collection include photographs of Eskimo people, de Laguna and Mathiassen in the field, the Arctic landscape, excavation sites, settlements, animals, sea vessels, etc.
Frederica de Laguna Greenland Photograph Collection Mss.SMs.Coll.31