Round Valley materials, Amelia Susman Schultz Papers

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During the late 1930s, Amelia Susman Schultz conducted fieldwork on acculturation at the Round Valley Indian Reservation, California, for a Ph.D. thesis eventually published in 1976. Series II of the Amelia Susman Schultz Papers reflects both periods of research, though mostly the late 1930s. Of particular interest are: ten field notebooks from 1937, most containing some language data (undetermined as yet which languages) in addition to ethnographic notes from discussions with consultants; ethnographic notes arranged by subject (see items titled "Ethnographic notes by subject" in addition to "Notes on full sheets" and "Notes on half sheets"); descriptions of Round Valley's chronology, population history, genealogy, and socioeconomic surveys; and Schultz's works-in-progress, including the original dissertation.
Amelia Susman Schultz Papers Mss.Ms.Coll.171