Ho-Chunk language notebook

Ho-Chunk includes: Winnebago, Hoocąk
Ho-Chunk | English
circa 1850s
Notebooks | Vocabularies
1 volume, 24 pages
Thin notebook with soft paper cover, containing multiple word lists of Ho-Chunk and English, some very brief. The language is not mentioned explicitly as Ho-Chunk in the notebook itself, but the identification has been confirmed through comparison with other Ho-Chunk language information. The writer (or writers) of the lists are unidentifed, as are names of Ho-Chunk speakers, if different from the writer(s). The first page contain some English names in faint pencil writing that are difficult to fully make out, and their relationship to the contents of the notebook are unclear. No location or date information is included in the notebook. It is estimated to be from the Wisconsin area, circa the 1850s. 
Ho-Chunk language notebook Mss.SMs.Coll.119