Chemakum materials, Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection

Alternate forms: Chimakum
Language(s): Chemakum | English
Date: 1972
Contributor: Powell, J. V.
Type: Text
Genre: Essays
Extent: 39 pages
Description: There are two items with Chemakum language information in the collection. Materials can be found in the finding aid, which is organized chronologically, under the specific dates listed. In 1970, see J.V. Powell's "A note on the Quileute entries of 'Ethnobotany of West Washington,'" which includes a few Chemakum ethnobotanical terms taken from notes of Franz Boas. In 1972, see J.V. Powell's "The Predicate in Chimakum."
Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection (Mss.Ms.Coll.200)