Lenca materials, Daythal L. Kendall Papers

Language(s): Lenca | English | Spanish | French
Date: 1990s
Subject: Linguistics
Type: Text
Extent: 1 linear foot
Description: Daythal Kendall gathered together lexica from various published sources of Lenca (including Ephraim Squier) into a computer database, from which he printed a number of different alphabetizations that were never professionally published. These can be found in his Research series (Series 2), and are of great potential use. Both Honduran and Salvadoran Lenca appear to be represented, although speaker names are only partially identified. He also visited Honduras in 1993 partially in an effort to find and interview Lenca speakers. Additional Lenca may be found in Series 1, among correspondence and materials from the Penutian language workshops.
Daythal L. Kendall Papers (Mss.Ms.Coll.148)