North America materials, Papers, 1817-1883, relating to North American Indian missions

Abenaki | Cherokee | Chickasaw | Choctaw | Creek | Dakota | Odawa | Ojibwe | Miami | Osage | Pawnee | Penobscot | Stockbridge-Munsee
Alternate forms: Abnaki | Sioux | Ottawa | Ojibwa | Ojibway | Chippewa | Stockbridge | Wabanaki
Language(s): English
Date: 1817-1883
Type: Text
Extent: 64 reels
Description: These papers include letters, reports, accounts, and memoranda relating to the work of the American Board of Home Missions among the Abenaki, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Dakota, Ojibwa, Miami, Osage, Pawnee, Penobscot, and Stockbridge-Munsee peoples of Arkansas, New York, and Oregon. Originals in Houghton Library, Harvard University.
Papers,1817-1883, relating to North American Indian missions (Mss.Film.1223)